Concreting of Narra bridge to be deferred

(photo credit: Jeffrey Estanislao)

Provincial Engineering Office wants to build a diversion road instead of concreting the Taritien Bailey Bridge in Narra because of budgetary limitations.

Engineer Saylito Purisima, Provincial Engineer, said the long-term plan of the provincial government is to convert the existing bridge into a concrete structure but since the province has many infrastructure projects, they still do not have enough budget.

Instead, they have decided to divert the 60 meters bridge into road as they are prioritizing the construction of schools and hospitals within the province.

As of this time, they have already P400, 000 for the interior and temporary construction of the bailey or wooden bridge, as Purisima said.

“Sa dami ng priority natin na mga project, nagdecide ang province na idi-divert muna ‘yung road na kahit anong sakuna walang tulay na dadaanan,” he said.

He said that building a concrete road will only cost the government around P12 million, compared to the P80 million estimated cost for repairing and concreting the existing bridge.

“So kung ikaw ang sa gobyerno saan ka, sa malaking gastos o sa maliit, syempre doon tayo sa makakatipid tayo. Kahit hindi pa concrete ‘yung gagawing kalsada na ‘yan passable na siya kasi ‘yung lupa doon sandy hindi maputik kahit maulan,” he said.

Purisima added that they are aiming to finish the road by the end of the year.


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