City takes over road construction

The contractor who did not rectify a defective road project within 90 days upon receipt of request for repair from the City government can be perpetually disqualified from joining any public bidding. (File photo)

The city government, through its engineering office, has taken over the implementation of all of its 20 road projects previously subjected to bidding by private contractors.

“We are in transition into by-administration projects right now,” Aries Grande of the City Engineering Office said.

Grande was referring to the projects that were in the process of bidding during the stint of Vice Mayor Luis Marcaida who took over the post of mayor during the first four months of this year. Following his reinstatement, Bayron canceled the bidding and moved to implement most of the projects using the city’s own personnel and equipment.

Grande maintained their office is “capable” of implementing the projects, stating that they have already employed 22 engineers to supervise the work and have equipment that they can use.

“Kaya namin dito kahit by admin ‘yung projects. Kaya nga tayo may truck, hindi ba? Maganda rin na by administration na kasi magagamit ‘yung mga gamit natin dito,” Grande said.

He explained that they have organized task forces to coordinate the simultaneous implementation of the infrastructure projects.

“Hindi naman kada isang engineer ay isang project, tulong tulong naman bawat projects. Maganda rin na by admin ‘yung project para mapatunayan din namin na kaya namin,” said Grande.

He said that by directly undertaking the project, the city government stands to make savings.

He clarified however that building constructions will still be bid out to contractors, adding that the bidding process has been delayed.


“Nahuhuli na talaga tayo sa mga project kasi medyo may gulo nga nangyari sa city, ‘yung ibang project magsisimula na sa first quarter next year,” said Grande.





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