City mulls ordinance to stop barbecue stick crimes

A city ordinance is now offering added protection to all consumers of barbecue

The City Council of Puerto Princesa is set to begin deliberations on a proposed ordinance aimed at protecting the city’s consumers who love to eat barbecue or anything sold on skewers.

The ordinance, if passed, will require all barbecue peddlers to remove the pointed end of their barbecue sticks before they are sold to the public. By doing so, City Councilor Jimmy Carbonell, principal author of the bill, says this will negate the use of barbecue sticks as a potential deadly weapon.

The proposed ordinance did not cite relevant crime statistics based on barbecue attacks but its author warned there are serious risks involved when those pointed objects are allowed to be sold by just about anybody on the sidewalks.

“Minsan kasi ginagamit ‘yung mga barbecue sticks, banana cue stick na pang saksak,” Carbonell said.

He added that the bill also intends to prevent unnecessary injuries when someone steps on a barbecue stick.

“Kapag matulis kasi yung stick, pwede ‘yan mag cause ng injury. Pag natatapakan ay pwedeng matusok sa paa,” said Carbonell.

Carbonell said that while there are no significant number of crimes and injury by barbecue stick, he will still push through the ordinance to promote public safety.

“Pati kasi mga bata dito pwede maperwisyo, o matusok sa mata,” said Carbonell.

Once approved, the law will be implemented and monitored by the city’s business permit and licensing office. A penalty of P1,000 fine will be imposed on a violator during the first offense.

City legal officer Atty. Arnel Pedrosa endorses the measure, claiming that it is valid and will promote public safety.

“Para sa public safety ‘yan. Simple and yet, it is a commendable legislation,” Pedrosa said.

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