City to intensify tax collection

The city government has vowed to intensify its tax collection effort to narrow the deficit in its 2018 budget.

Regina Cantillo, City budget officer, in an interview with the Palawan News during the Budget Forum for 2018, acknowledged that the government’s budget is “insufficient, it is not always enough”.

“Kulang ang budget, lagi namang kulang ‘yung pera ng gobyerno parati,” said Cantillo.

City Administrator Atty. Arnel Pedrosa said that with an insufficient government budget, the government’s project will remain stagnant for its deliberation.

“Kung sa pera lang ng gobyerno, maliit talaga, hindi kakayanin ang mga projects and we have to identify priority projects,” said Pedrosa.

Richard Ligad, city information officer, said the city government will tighten its collection of taxes among establishments, agencies and offices to help the government raise money that would raise funds for the city government’s unfunded projects.

“Gusto gawin ng city government ay higpitan ang pagkokolekta ng buwis, hindi tataasan, hihigpitan lang,” said Ligad.

The income generation also includes strategizing enterprises that will help generate income of the city government and external funding for implementation of the projects.

Ligad added that the income generation will also be a machinery for sustaining agricultural projects and fisheries.

City Councilor Nesario Awat said the city council will also help in decision-making of how to increase the income of the city.

“We need to discuss this with the executive, so that there will be a consensus on how we will generate the city’s income,” said Awat.

With regards to ensuring the health and social services to the people, Awat said the city council will have to identify first the government’s weak points in terms of social services distribution to deliver it properly to the public.

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