Circumventing the Obvious

The Palawan Council for Sustainable Development has not yet issued the Strategic Environmental Plan (SEP) Clearance for the DMCI Power coal-fired power project in Narra, Palawan because it still lacks the favorable endorsement of the Narra ECAN Board.


This caused public confusion because even before Executive Director Nelson P. Devanadera took over as head of the technical support office of the PCSD, there are existing and active ECAN Boards in most of the municipalities in Palawan particularly in Narra.


The ECAN Boards play vital roles in ensuring that all projects must be within the parameters of the ECAN zoning and ensure that the proponent follows all the requirements in the local level.


This board has a separate membership as the municipal councils because other sectors are part of this environmental body.


PCSD Administrative Order No. 10 series of 2005 sets the guidelines in the creations and reconstitution of ECAN Boards in the city or municipalities of Palawan


PCSD Administrative Order No. 6, as amended Series of 2008, Section 7 says that after the field validation, the PCSDS shall prepare an evaluation report which shall contain the results of the evaluation process and the recommendations regarding possible endorsement or denial of the proposed project. The report shall be submitted to the PCSD for action.




Given that the ECAN board is not a pre-requisite for PCSD endorsement of the project, what’s the use of going back to the ECAN Board of Narra when the decision has been made by the PCSD?


What we wanted here is the complete truth.


It seems that the PCSD would like to throw the blame to the ECAN Board of Narra once they decide to release or not the SEP Clearance of the coal-fired power project.


What if the ECAN Board will decide otherwise? Can you still reverse the decision of PCSD or you want to make the ECAN Board answerable to the proponent?


What if the ECAN Board decided to endorse the project, are you going to say that the decision was sealed by the ECAN Board as they approved the project?


Let us not circumvent the obvious.

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