Car falls off construction area

A private vehicle falls off a drainage Sunday morning

A private vehicle fell off a drainage excavation site near the intersection of Malvar and National Highway early Sunday morning following a near collision with a motorbike, according to a police report.

The driver of the vehicle, identified as Hector Encarnacion, sustained only minor injuries.

According to the investigation conducted by Mendoza Police Station, the vehicle, a Peugeot with plate number VT0583, was travelling along the national highway coming from Aloeha Bar and Restaurant going to El Rancho, Bgy. Sta. Monica when the accident happened.

In an interview, Encarnacion said that while passing through the construction area, he was caught off guard by the appearance of a motorcycle in front of him without backlights, causing him to turn away his vehicle on instinct.

Due to the confusion, he said he also accidentally stepped on the accelarator instead of the brakes, causing him to fall into the drainage excavation.

Encarnacion said that while he had drank some alcohol before it happened, he was still alert and that the motorcycle in front of him had no tail lights or reflectors.

“Hindi ko naman masisi ‘yung motorista maraming ganyan. Kaya dapat isulong ‘yung ordinansa na bawal magdrive ng motor kapag walang ilaw,” Encarnacion said.

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