Business group supports division of Palawan

Puerto Princesa City’s main business group has endorsed the provincial government’s push to divide Palawan into smaller provinces as a step towards federalization.

The group, in a meeting held recently, said they are supporting the move as it will promote a more robust trade and commerce.

Atty. Allen Quiñon of the Puerto Princesa Chamber of Commerce Incorporated (PCCI) said they believe that the creation of three independent provinces will help improve the utilization of each province’s internal revenue share and strengthen their representation with the central government.

Federalism and dividing Palawan into three provinces will have some political, economic and social advantages,” Quiñon said.

Atty. Quiñon said that with the creation of three provinces the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) of each province will be maximized and the degree of representation in the national government will be enhanced.

He explained that there will be three governors and four congressmen which will bring the government nearer to the people due to the increase in the number of ‘public servants’.

Reacting to assertions by critics that the plan will encourage political dynasties, Quiñon said this can be avoided.

Quiñon said that political dynasty has been part of the politics but to prevent it from happening in a federal state, voter’s education is very important.

If we can nurture critical thinking, among the voters regardless of any political mix up we will not have any political dynasty,” he said.

We would like to have our own federal state. If ever we will be joined with other provinces in MIMAROPA, Palawan would lose its own identity. In order to prevent things like that to happen, I think our lawmakers would like to sub-divide the province of Palawan into three province[s] already so we will not be mixing with other provinces,” he said.

PCCI President Annabelle Ong said that this move of the provincial board will ease the processing of various needs in the regional office.

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