Brooke’s Point tanods undergo training

About 100 village watchmen or popularly known as barangay tanods in 18 areas in Brooke’s Point town were recently trained as part of efforts of the municipal government to maintain peace and order.


Senior Insp. Mhardie Azares said the three- day training will enable the tanods to help law enforcement and maintain peace and order in their respective areas of jurisdiction.


The participants were trained in basic emergency response, investigation and the taking of complaints and testimonies of parties of incidents.


They were also trained in first aid and rescue during time of emergencies and calamities.


Upon completion of the training, participants will be issued identification cards with the logo of the Philippine National Police and local government as well as a certificate and uniforms.


Brooke’s Point mayor Mary Jean Feliciano expressed optimism that the training will lessen crime incidence in her town.

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