BM Roxas to town mayors: improve law enforcement on illegal fishing

To support the project in Palawan, Board Member Marivic Roxas has passed a resolution that urges the province’s municipal mayors to improve monitoring and law enforcement on illegal fishing in Palawan. Roxas particularly pushed for stricter implementation of corresponding penalties to those who will be caught violating the law.

The close monitoring of illegal fishing activities in the different municipalities in Palawan will greatly help in the maintenance and mitigate the destruction of our maritime biodiversity,” Roxas said.

Citing provisions on the Constitution and the Local Government Code of 1991, Roxas emphasized the duties of the government in enacting legislation that will protect the environment, including marine resources.

The approved resolution is now due for forwarding to relevant government units, including the offices of town mayors, and of the Governor himself. is a community of empowered citizens working together for the conservation, protection and management of marine key biodiversity areas in the country.

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