BM Arzaga complains against red tape in Provincial GSO

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Through a privilege speech in a Cuyuno Session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan today, First District Board Member Winston Arzaga aired his sentiments against the Provincial General Services Office (GSO) for allegedly not taking actions regarding his service vehicle involved in an accident three years ago.

Arzaga lamented the fact that handling the incident took a very long process, required several documents, police report, among other documentary requirements, yet remains unsettled to date. He explained that he followed up on the case at the Provincial Administrator’s Office, and received confirmation that no actions have been taken on their end regarding the matter.

“Sobra ren, tatlo kadagon ara nainabo.” (“It’s too much, it has been three years already and yet, nothing happened.”)

He also said that in the last budget hearing for GSO, sometime in October last year, he called the attention of Annalyn Rollan, General Services Officer, on the matter. The officer promised to fix things but there is still no update as of today.

“This is the worst kind of bureaucratic red tape nga aqueng nakita digue sa Kapitolyo. Hindi na tama ito,” Arzaga lamented. He also noted that aside from the said incident, there was also a time when his papers or documents were lost at the said office, although he just took it for granted back then. However, the official said he cannot let the vehicular accident matters just pass. According to Arzaga, it is very important for him to get the issue fixed as failure to do so will result to him shouldering all the expenses.

The gentleman from the First District stressed out that if this can happen to an official like him, the chances are much higher that this can happen to an ordinary citizen.

Arzaga manifested for GSO Rollan and Human Resource Management Officer Lucy Paredes to appear before the Board. The HRMO was particularly called because Arzaga wanted to clarify the performance of the GSO. “Baka may nakalagay Very Satisfactory, eh durong palpak diyan,” he explained.

In the end, instead of a question-and-answer hour, HRMO Paredes and GSO Rollan were invited by the SP members today in an Executive Session.

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