“Bigkis” sweeps barangay elections

Ballot boxes from different precincts in Puerto Princesa are surrendered to City Treasurer’s Office for safekeeping. ( PN Photo).

The recently concluded barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections was a sweeping political victory for incumbent mayor Lucilo R. Bayron whose allies in the 66 barangays of the city dominated the polls, political observers polled by Palawan News said on Tuesday.

Richard Ligad, city information officer and a key adviser to Bayron, described the elections as a manifestation of support to the current administration’s programs.

“This is a good manifestation na talagang marami na ngayon ang gustong sumuporta sa timon, sa gustong gawin ng administrasyon,” Ligad told Palawan News.

Another key supporter of Bayron, who asked not to be identified as he was not authorized to speak officially in behalf of the administration, said the informal grassroots organization “Bigkis” formed by their camp “swept” the elections.

“We won at least 50 barangay captain seats, including most of the vote-rich barangays,” he said. He enumerated the major barangays they previously considered as “opposition” and where Bigkis candidates had won as San Pedro, Bancao-Bancao, San Manuel, San Jose, Tagburos, Santa Lourdes, Sicsican and the cluster of smaller barangays in the north, south and the west coast.

Vote-rich Barangay San Miguel, a known bailiwick of former mayor Edward Hagedorn, remained in control of incumbent ABC chair Patrick Hagedorn, who trumped Bigkis bet Rama.

An adviser to ex-mayor Hagedorn admitted to Palawan News the election outcome eroded many of their previous support bases, claiming that the administration camp “spent money” in the elections. He estimated they still maintain “at least eleven” supportive barangay captains.

“There were 52 Bigkis candidates in the 66 barangays of the city. Many of them won because of the resources they poured into the campaign,” he said.

The source added that the Bayron camp will attempt to unseat Patrick Hagedorn as ABC representative in the City Council using the majority they have won in the polls.

“We also think they might be considering formalizing their own political party,” he added.

Meanwhile, the City Commission on Elections has yet to complete the tabulation of winners and was unable to release the official results by Tuesday as it had targeted.



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