Be safe and sound this Christmas Season

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Now that the Christmas season is here, let us celebrate with peace and harmony. Let’s put things into perspective.


It’s our rest time, can you be kind enough to not disturb us?

Fireworks are all the rage this Yuletide season, but at some point we have to rein it in. It is acceptable to let loose on the eve of our celebrations, but after an hour or so, let’s be considerate of our neighbors. We all have to sleep at some point, right?


Can you please stop increasing the air pollution?

Isn’t it a brilliant idea if this Christmas season we can avoid burning fireworks and further polluting the air? If yes, then let us stop buying fireworks and think of alternative ways to celebrate. Why not consider buying a hornpipe/torotot? You don’t have to spend a lot of money and you don’t have to worry about losing any parts of your body.


Can you be more understanding to those people who aren’t a fan of loud noises?

There are some people who prefer celebrating Christmas in a peaceful and quiet way, which is not a bad idea. There are also those people who cannot bear loud noises because they have a weak heart which can lead to shock or trauma. So, why not be considerate with other people’s feelings or situation by trying to avoid creating unwanted noise.


Let us prevent fire accidents

When we think about the disadvantages of using fireworks, we would always say that it can cause fire in a place/establishment that’s why we should avoid using it.  It is not a good way of celebrating Christmas and welcoming the year 2016 with a burned house. Don’t take the risk.


Let us make other people happy this Christmas season. This season is about togetherness. Let’s celebrate as a community.















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