Be a detective, don’t get caught!

Do you want to surprise someone with a Christmas present, yet you are having a hard time what to buy because you only know little about that person? Here are some tips that may help you with your problem.


The first thing that you have to do is to find out what that person likes or doesn’t like. Find out their favorite color, things or brand of their things, shopping places, hobbies or passions or what they wish for or need. It would make it easier for you to choose what type of gift to pick.



  • For you to be able to find out their favorite color without getting caught is to look at the color of their things. If you notice that the color of his/her things are mostly blue then you may assume that blue is her favorite color, but if you aren’t sure with your judgment then you may ask people who are close to her/him.


  • Now that you know the favorite color of that person, you should check out the appropriate gift that you can give. Find out what she needs or wishes to have, so your effort wouldn’t be in vain.


  • Discover if he/she has any hobby or passion which they are serious about then you can buy that person a present that is connected with his /her hobby.


  • Or you may consider introducing him/her to a new hobby with your gift. Think up a hobby that will likely be a hit with the person you are thinking of.



  • Don’t ask too many questions in rapid succession. That’s annoying!
  • Don’t stalk the person. That’s creepy!
  • Try to avoid staring at the person. You’re not telepathic!
  • Don’t go through their things. That’s kind of illegal.


Remember to just be observant and subtle with your movements. Converse with the person about any topic. Keep him/her engaged. You will definitely get a feel of what kind of person he/she is. Regardless of what present you give this Christmas, the thought and effort you put into acquiring the gift is what matters in the end.






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