Bayron rejects Council bid to adopt “no-plate-no-travel” policy

Bayron dismisses the resolution as “unfair or oppressive and impartial or discriminatory”

City Mayor Lucilo Bayron has turned down a City Council resolution urging the strict implementation of an existing “No Plate Number, No Travel” city ordinance.

In his veto message, Bayron dismissed the resolution as “unfair or oppressive and impartial or discriminatory,” considering that the Land Transportation Office has been struggling in issuing plates to motorists.

Councilor Henry Gadiano, who authored the resolution in a bid to deter potential criminal activities, particularly the riding-in-tandem shooting, said he respects the mayor’s decision and will abide by it.

“The mayor sees the LTO’s unreadiness to provide official plates, that’s why he said if we’re going to implement this, it would be unfair to those who exerted effort but can’t comply,” Gadiano told Palawan News.

He noted that motorists who registered their vehicle with the LTO usually receive their official plates after about two years.

“Even with the absence of LTO official plate number, the motorists are required to use instead of the vehicle dealer-issued temporary plate number. What’s important here is their vehicles will not go out without identification,” he said.

Among other prohibited acts of this ordinance are the use of fake and expired plate numbers, and also driving vehicles bearing the dealer’s number plate indicating only the name of the store or dealer, without the conduction sticker.

The ordinance was based on Section 18 of the Republic Act No. 4136, or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code requiring motor vehicles to display number plates on their front and rear parts.

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