Bantay Dagat strictly monitors the use of “mini trawl”

Mini-trawl is being strictly monitored by Bantay Dagat because it damages the marine ecosystem. (Phot credit:

The Puerto Princesa City Bantay Dagat (Sea Watch) Office is running after the use of “mini- trawl” gear in fishing as it destroys the marine ecosystem of the coastal areas of the city.


Mini-trawl is usual use to catch shrimps and is  done by dragging the net at the bottom of the sea. This practice is considered as one of the efficient fishing methods but damages the marine ecosystem like corals. Also, it stirs up sediments at the bottom of the sea and make the environment turbid which reduces light levels and affect reproduction. This fishing method is locally called “sudsud”.


Last week 12 motor boats were apprehended by Bantay Dagat personnel in Barangays Irawan and Iwahig and penalty was imposed as it was their first offense.


According to Bantay Dagat Program Manager Dave Dela Rosa the monitoring of this kind of fishing activity is focused to Barangays Irawan, Sicsican, Iwahig and Mandaragat where there are reported “sudsud: activities.


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