Today, June 13, a throng of young Filipino students will start to march towards schools. As would be expected, the…

“SaTulong ni Sta. Ana”

GOD’S GRACE IN GOD’S PERFECT TIME: The National Shrine of ST. ANNE in Hagonoy, Bulacan is celebrating 25th anniversary. I…

Ang Alam at Pakialam ng Simbahan sa Pulitika (Part II)

Finally, voices of concern have been raised about the danger of the role of the Church in politics. In one sense, such involvement is inevitable, since the Church has the mission proclaiming evangelical criteria for decision and action in the world. In another sense, however, there is indeed a need for caution, so as to avoid connection with or regression to a cleric-king system, so contrary to the principles that the Church herself proclaim.

Dapat tama… Sana mapayapa… Para kapanipaniwala!

Ang Alam at Pakialam ng Simbahan sa Pulitika (Part I)

Lastly, the bishops appeal to the politicians themselves, to obey the laws of God and of the land in their campaign and election activities. Candidates who ignore these laws and resort to evil and corrupt practices during the electoral campaign do not deserve the offices they seek, since they show no commitment and moral responsibility towards the people.