The supposedly peace keeper, umpire and promoter of reconciliation is now an initiator of mess in the city of Puerto Princesa.

We used to have high respect to people in the Commission on Elections (Comelec) in the city because they are Palaweños who have made Palawan as their home. We meet them on the street, at the market and in various community gatherings.

Puerto Princesa is now facing the most challenging phase (so far) caused by the recent recall election and a year before the 2016 regular elections. We expect the poll body to do its job with dignity by being the mediator to promote peace and reconciliation between opposing political camps whose relationships as family and friends have been strained.

Comelec should have been very cautious in handling the recently- concluded recall election.
The recent issue surrounding the Pandora’s box allegedly surrendered mistakenly to the security group of city hall together with the ballot boxes had created a total mess.

It is very understandable that people are outrageous after hearing about the Pandora’s box because of the high public distrust with the city election personnel. The story would have been so different if the trust is intact and untainted.

Because of that “mistake”, it again brought up the fire which supposedly by this time is on a “cooling” stage.
As the next elections draws nearer and the still unresolved issues of the recall, the people is not comforted nor assured of an honest, orderly and peaceful elections (HOPE) when the peace-keeper and umpire is weak.
Maybe they are innocent and are just collateral damages of the recent recall election but the national Comelec should step in and act on the concerns of the people.

The right of suffrage and the sanctity of ballot of every Puerto Princesans must be preserved by an office mandated by law to protect it. This is the only way we would be able to keep the credibility of election results and would help achieve peace and harmony in our city after the pains brought about by electoral exercise.

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